Fire Stopping & Passive Fire Protection

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MSC has extensive experience of installing intricate and complex fire stopping systems in a variety of settings. Our fire stopping systems are the ideal partner for wiring, ventilation and plumbing penetrations to flexible and solid walls and floors. MSC are 3rd party accredited installers registered with IFC (International Fire Consultants) IFC Certification Ltd is a independent UKAS accredited and internationally recognised provider of high quality and customer focused third party certification and is also a Notified Certification Body for certificating products for CE Marking under the Construction Products Directive.

Each project is documented using our (Copyright) Internal Auidt System (MSC)
which produces individul pdf reports stating the application/test data used & individual images along with a location plan (example below) all sequential numbered. Clients can access our audit system and login to see live realtime updates and progress.

MSC supply and install all firestopping systems to satisfy the latest statutory performance and building regulations requirements and back up all installs with physical test data for each senario. Where services pass through fire compartmentation walls, the aperture must be sealed with ‘approved products’ that have been tested to BS 476: Pt. 20/22: 1987. The most common and versatile of such products is Fire batt and Intumescent Mastic. All combustible services are to be sealed with either graphite mastic, an intumescent wrap or an intumescent collar. We can also produce bespoke test data solutions upon request through UKAS accredited test centres which is one reason why MSC are chosen to work on projects all across the U.K.

The following diagrams have been extracted from a live project to show an example of the detail produced by our (Copyright) Internal Auidt System (MSC)

Example Location Plan Example Location Plan Example Location Plan